For mankind health is the primary asset, our health may damage cause of diseases. Due to several ways’human caught diseases, but now a day’s microbial organisms like virus, bacteria and fungus spreading major diseases across the world. Disinfection is the perfect measure implemented against the spread of diseases. Killing, removal, or deactivation of harmful microorganisms can be referred to as disinfection. Destruction or deactivation of pathogenic microorganisms results in stopping their reproduction and growth.

Place Pest Control is the best Disinfection service provider in Dubai, UAE. We serve disinfection and sanitization program all over UAE.Our well trained and experiences technicians visit the affected areas with all safety precautions and serve you the best treatment to prevent the spread of the diseases. Disinfection is the perfect measure implemented against the spread of diseases. The chemical used for disinfection has been tested in labs and has been certified to be used for virus, bacteria and fungi treatment. We stand for better environment and healthy life.

we provide Corona Virus disinfection Treatment in UAE. The only way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is the disinfection treatment. We are using most modern equipment and chemicals we use which meets all authority standards so our approach to disinfection is totally safe to your health and environment.

We focus on Disinfection for the following sectors:

Mastrogen Pest Control provide disinfection treatment for both Residential and Commercial customers, we designed customized treatment for both sectors.

House, Flat & Villas
Building & Office
Factories & Warehouse
Schools & Hospitals
Hotels & Restaurants
Labour Camps
Ships, Boats &Yatch