Your walls are invaded by Lizards?

Call our experts to drive away lizards from your premise

Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with over 6,000 species, ranging across all continents except Antarctica, as well as most oceanic island chains. The group is paraphyletic as it excludes the snakes and Amphisbaenia; some lizards are more closely related to these two excluded groups than they are to other lizards. Lizards range in size from chameleons and geckos a few centimeters long to the 3-meter long Komodo dragon.

Lizards are another common pest found in all residences and business premises in Dubai, most species of lizard in UAE are harmless and eat small insects. Lizard control measures comprises of using a special formulation (Synthetic Pyrethroids) having contact action, which subsequently proves fatal.

Mastrogen Pest Control is one of the best Lizards management service provider in Dubai, UAE. Some of the target places for lizard control treatment are cracks and crevices in the structure, voids in the masonry, dark and damp places around flower pots, around the electrical conduits etc. The treatment will kill off unwanted insects which serve as food and the treatment will also irritate lizards so they won't live in treated areas. We use effective pesticides for the removal of lizards.