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Mastrogen is one of the best Flies pest control service provider in Dubai, UAE. Our approach to control flying insect like flies and mosquitos is unique and effective. We serve for both residential and industrial customers through safe and cost- effective flies eradication methods. Flying insects are different type, fruit flies, house fly, drain fly etc..Non-biting flies, such as houseflies, are not only nuisance pests, but they are also responsible for transmitting diseases and contaminating food.For instance, house flies are capable of contaminating food and transferring more than 100 pathogens, including malaria, salmonella and tuberculosis. Food contamination is one of the main reasons that fly pest control is so important.

Flies are recognized as carriers of easily communicable diseases. They are very active insects and their body carries germs of different types of disease. They keep moving from one place to another. Flies collect pathogens on their legs and mouths when females lay eggs on decomposing organic matter such as feces, garbage and animal corpses. They are attracted by different food items such as meat, sweets etc. Flies carry diseases on their legs and the small hairs that cover their bodies. It takes only a matter of seconds for them to transfer these pathogens to food or touched surfaces.

Prevention and how to do Fly pest control?

Getting rid of house flies usually requires a mix of indoor and outdoor treatment measures. We have designed a specialist services will search for conditions that welcome flies, handle ebb and flow pervasions, and stop the existence cycle to help diminish the quantity of flies in your premises. We can apply different methods to get rid of flies like by using or spraying different kinds of fly repellent chemicals around the house for chasing away different kinds of flies. In other hand, some natural repellent like lavender oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, pennyroyal oil etc. can be used to repel flies.

Our approach is unique from others, our professional team easily identify the possible breeding spot, types of fly infestation and terminate them successfully. We adopting the methods of spraying and fogging witheffective insecticides that will end the race of the flies and mosquitoes in your premises.