Bird is a headache to you. Are they messed up your home? cause losses in business ?

It’s time to call Mastrogen to get rid of Birds….

Bird control is the generic name for methods to eliminate or deter pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting. It is important to use professional bird control products that do not harm birds, other animals or people. When in doubt call a professional bird control installer. Bird control is important because pest birds especially Pigeons which are commonly found in this part of the world can create health-related problems through their feces, including diseases like Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis Psittacosis etc. Bird droppings may also cause damage to property and equipment. Based on the severity of the problem, our experts will devise a program that utilizes one or a combination of the many products in the Bird X line up. These products and equipment are specifically chosen and strategically used to deter the birds from your commercial complex, office or warehouses. Mastrogen is one of the leading and best bird control service providers in Dubai. We protect your business and house from the attacks of birds.

How to control Birds

Birds roosting around your premises can be bad for business. Pigeons, especially, congregate in large numbers once they find an area they like. They can be noisy, messy and unhygienic, putting off customers and staff alike. One of the simplest ways to deter birds permanently is by using bird or pigeon spikes. They are harmless and move birds on from favored roosting sites so your business can carry on undisturbed. Rather than spikes we also use bird repellant chemicals which is totally safe and environment friendly which will prevent the visit of bird again and again in your premises.